“Solace” has been chosen as the insert song for the film!

KENN's song "Solace" has been selected as the insert song for Yusuke Inaba's movie "Another Day In Paradise" (starring Toshiyuki Someya).

Famous actor Shin-ei is taking a long break in a house with a field to heal from years of fatigue.
Thanks to his relaxed lifestyle, he has now made a good recovery both physically and mentally.
He has also been cast in a new blockbuster movie, and his full comeback is imminent.
Suddenly, his best friend Ryu comes to visit him.
He is arrested and detained on a false charge for a certain incident.
He struggles with the lawyer that Shin-ei introduced him to, but in the end he is indicted, and he says that he has run away.
Masae, who does not want to have anything to do with such a dragon due to his position, hides him for just one night and chases him outside.
The next morning, her niece Yuuki comes to stay at Shin'ei's house because she has too much free time.
Not knowing anything about her, she bumps into a dragon on her beach, hits it off with him, and takes him back.
Shinei wants to live a peaceful life, but his depressing days begin...

Toshiyuki Someya as Masahide Hiyoshi
Mizuki Yoshida as Yuki Yamashita
Kasime Tachikawa as Ryu Suzuki
Ryunosuke Matsumura as Tomoki Tanaka
Airi Tanigawa as Miku Teshima
Kiriko Nishimura as Yoko Tsuchihashi
Tomoko Fujita as Tomoyo Kawachi

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Another Day In Paradise