I wanna express my respect to all those involved in EUROVISION. I hope that this wonderful festival will spread all over the world. I sincerely hope that this festival day will be a peaceful day for the world. Peace suits this world. In order for the smile, a symbol of peace, to spread all over the world, we need to connect with the same thoughts of each individual. When the small energies of each person come together and become a big energy, we can welcome the first day of peaceful days.
Today, just let yourself think about nothing and enjoy EUROVISION to the fullest!

Sincerely, KENN

- YouTUbe: Eurovision Song Contest 2024: Grand Final

Eurovision Song Contest, Grand Final live from Malmö, Sweden
Saturday 11 May - 21:00 CEST

Alaska Time(GMT-8): Saturday 11 May - 12:00
Pacific Time(GMT-7): Saturday 11 May - 11:00
Mountain Time(GMT-6): Saturday 11 May - 10:00
Central Time(GMT-5): Saturday 11 May - 9:00
Eastern Time(GMT-4): Saturday 11 May - 8:00


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>> The Other Silhouette (Acoustic version)