The film “TAKARABAKO” won awards!

We would like to inform you that the movie "TAKARABAKO" starring Eiji Okuda, whose theme song was produced by KENN, has won awards at film festivals around the world. We hope you enjoy watching the film, as it is a result of your support.

After the death of his beloved wife(Yuriko), Koichi, who works as a factory manager at a tile manufacturer, lives alone in a house filled with memories of his family.
He is told by his only daughter, Aika, that there is someone he wants to meet, and when he reluctantly returns home, Aika's boyfriend, Kenta, is waiting for him.
Although Koichi feels conflicted, he entrusts Kenta with a message and allows the two to marry, "If it's the person my daughter chooses".
A few years later, Aika visited her parents' home and asked her, "We've decided to build a house, so would you like to live with us?" I refuse If I can't do it...
The feeling of thinking about family becomes home.
A human story depicting the connections between people and families.

Eiji Okuda as Koichi Yamagishi
Kentaro Akizawa as Kenta Tabe
Haruka Dan as Aika Tabe
Koyomi Asakawa as Anne Tabe
Hisako Gohyakura as Kazuko Miyane
Music & Lyrics by KENN

I used to wait alone, with my heart slow 
Journeys in my life has not been smooth
Cloudy skies obscure my view
Dark and obsolete
My thought of you shows a crack of light between the clouds 

I've arrived at destination with you
This is the proof of our bond
I was longing for this day

I used to wait alone with my empty heart
I'll never let you go when the world turns dark
We can dream and dance, dream and dance
Stay together this night and watch the stars fall

It's us who write the story on the still blank page
I'll ride in this life with you
The best of bright and dark

Please keep the promises we made 
Our love is like a dove
Let’s have good days in this crazy world 
You’re half of me, I feel whole

My broken glass picked you up
Many roses for our dreams
I wrote your poem in the new page of our storybook
Look into my truth in my eyes

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