The film "TAKARABAKO" starring Eiji Okuda will be released to the public from April 17, 2023!

On April 17, 2023, a preview screening of the movie "Cleverly Home Presents TAKATABAKO" starring Eiji Okuda was held. You can also watch the movie on a special website, so please take a look.

After the death of his beloved wife(Yuriko), Koichi, who works as a factory manager at a tile manufacturer, lives alone in a house filled with memories of his family.
He is told by his only daughter, Aika, that there is someone he wants to meet, and when he reluctantly returns home, Aika's boyfriend, Kenta, is waiting for him.
Although Koichi feels conflicted, he entrusts Kenta with a message and allows the two to marry, "If it's the person my daughter chooses".
A few years later, Aika visited her parents' home and asked her, "We've decided to build a house, so would you like to live with us?" I refuse If I can't do it...
The feeling of thinking about family becomes home.
A human story depicting the connections between people and families.

Eiji Okuda as Koichi Yamagishi
Kentaro Akizawa as Kenta Tabe
Haruka Dan as Aika Tabe
Koyomi Asakawa as Anne Tabe
Hisako Gohyakura as Kazuko Miyane