Produced by Project SUN
Cooperation of CYBER CHASE

Director/Film Producer/Screenplay: Kensaku Miyashita
Music Director/Film Producer/Screenplay: KENN

March, 2024Detective Shotaro HayamiKensaku MiyashitaFilm Buyer Monthly ranking 4th
Feb, 2024RevovleKENNLondon Film Festival International 2024
__ __, 2024Detective Shotaro HayamiHidden Door
__ __, 2024InfernoPatricia, NANAOInferno, Safe and Sound

Miyu goes on a small journey with her older sister Mio, who suffers from early-onset Alzheimer's disease. The purpose of her trip is to meet her estranged son, Hinata. However, I was worried about this trip. One is, will Mio's child remember her after breaking up with her?The other is, will her memory remain by the time she meets her child? And Miyu's secret will be revealed when she becomes a pregnant woman. To be there. A human story where various things are revealed during the journey.

Aoi Kashima just lost her mother a month ago. In her days of loneliness and regret, she runs the bar left by her mother by herself. She wanted to know the whole story of "that song" that her mother used to sing, and whose title she didn't even know. However, not a single person knows about that song. Her mother looked so beautiful when she was singing.
One day, a man comes to the store and "That song" comes back to life along with the unknown side of her mother.
Shotaro Hayami is a former detective. He is a man with a heart of justice hidden in his worn-out coat, but he is always asked to search for junior high school students who have run away from home and rescue a cat that has climbed a tree and cannot get down. One day, his former colleague Shiho Katayama visits him. "I want you to find my missing son". Shotaro accepts her request and immediately begins an investigation. Eventually, it is discovered that the disappearance is related to underground business. At the same time, a mysterious headless murder by someone wearing a rabbit mask occurs. Urban legends that emerge as the investigation progresses. It's a fact that is difficult for ordinary people to understand: "If you bury four human heads under a tree called Upside Down, the person will come back to life". Behind all the stories involving various people and incidents, there was an incredibly fleeting, crazy, and sad story.
Two men who went off the way
No matter where you go, it's a dead end
Days of endless conflict
What did they see in the microcosm of modern society?